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Solar Escape Tanning Memberships Save You Money Waterbury Ct 06705

Solar Escape Tanning Memberships Save You Money Waterbury Ct 06705

Solar Escape has introduced “Memberships”. Tanning Memberships Allow you to save money. Your Tanning Packages will cost half the price of a reg price package. Much like other retailers such as “costco” or any other wholesale company out there you will now be able to enjoy the benefits by becoming a member. Lets take a look at the break down and how it can help you save money.

Lets just say you wanted to pay for one month of tanning in base tanning bed and you tanned for about 3 months. Since most tanners are seasonal and average about 3 months out of the year.

Here is the break down if you were to purchase your package with out a membership.

$45x3months = $135 not even including the tax. Lets say you purchase a $50 lotion while your at it, Bringing your total cost to $185 and this doesn’t include any upgrades you might do while you tan.


Now, lets take a look at how much you will save being a member. The same 3 months will only cost you $24.99 a month !

$24x3months= $72 add a $50 lotion for only $25 because you also get 50% off lotions by being a member. This is only a total of $97! You just SAVED $88 by being a member!

Its just that simple to Tan at SOLAR ESCAPE in  Waterbury Ct .

Get started today. Ask about our memberships.  We have 3 month, 6 month , 1 Year & EFT ( electronic monthly with drawl) Memberships.

Remember these memberships don’t include tanning but they will entitle you to the discounts off any tanning .

Currently, our best membership that has the most value is the One Year Membership. Not only will this entitle you to Discounts all year but we are giving you 5 UPGRADES  or a Tanning lotion with this membership. Whats that mean for you?

Well , even tho your paying for a membership and you may or may not tan for the whole year to benefit from the discounts you are getting the Value of 5 Tans! which would normal cost you the same amount.  By you purchasing this you get what you paid for ! and then when your done with the upgrades and ready to tan again your packages will cost half off! its a win win for our customers.

Stop in today at Solar Escape In Waterbury CT and discuss a package that best fits you.

Solar Escape , LLC
Tanning Salon
551 Wolcott st
Waterbury Ct 06705

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